Monks Building Services Limited are dedicated to being an industry leader in all aspects of its operations, including Health & Safety. Monks Building Services Limited has a target of zero injuries and does not accept unsafe working practices.

Safety is an attitude not a compliance

The health, safety, welfare and well-being of our people are of paramount importance to us and are critical to our ability to conduct our business and we continually monitor our safety progress to ensure that our programs are working as effectively as possible. All employees are expected to ensure zero tolerance of any practices that could result in accidents and ill health, and contribute to ensuring a safe working environment by taking the necessary measures and following the correct practices.

The Company embraces the requirements of the CDM Regulations 2015 in its role as a Principal Contractor and Approved Sub-contractor for projects that attract the Regulations.

Safety Leadership

At Monks Building Services Limited, employee safety is of utmost importance. We are committed to identifying and reducing any safety risks associated with our operations by improving how we reinforce safe behaviours with our employees and strengthening the accountability of management for ensuring safe behavior.


Safety Essentials

The vast majority of incidents at work are caused by unsafe behaviour. One of MBSL’s biggest challenges, is therefore to change habits and encourage people to ‘stop and think’ before carrying out a task. This includes the completion of reactive risk assessments and method statements as well as fully constructed RAMS and Construction Phase Plans to ensure tasks are carried out in the safest way possible.


Site Safety Management

At Monks Building Services Limited we adopt the following management structure on site to ensure that Health & Safety is managed in the most robust way possible and that all contractors up and down the management and operational chain are fully aware of the risks involved.