M&S Cambridge Escalator Installation

Marks and Spencer Cambridge Escalator renewal in 2016, this was a 16 week project to replace 4no escalators, working with Tyssen Krupp, who supplied and fitted the Machines.

Building, Electrical and Escalator installation

First element of the works was to have asbestos removed from the ceilings and walls adjacent to Escalator, removing everything back the masonry structure, this was undertaken by specialist asbestos contractor Erith Contractors Ltd, whom we work closely with on Marks And Spencer properties

The old Escalator were then broken out from the floors and lowered down to ground floor level. They are then pulled out through the shop front which was partially removed to facilitate this, loaded on to a lorry, and remove from site. A full road closure was required for this.

The new Machines were installed by our Mechanical and Electrical teams the opposite of the removal and then lifted into position with electric chain blocks, the the escalators are lined and leveled ready to reinstate, all wall, ceilings and floor finishes.

Walls, floors and ceilings are was then reinstated including decorations floor finishes and new lighting buy the Monks building and refurbishment team. Finally the new escalators were tested and commissioned and handed over to the store.